Here is My Power Button

Time: April 06, 2019 at 12:00 PM
Length: about 4 hours
Location: Golding 101

Event Staff


Here Is My Power Button is an American freeform game about relationships between artificial intelligences and their human users. As an AI, learn from your human consumer partner, and build your personhood accordingly. As a human, design and help grow an artificial intelligence into your ideal companion.

Should your AI develop in an undesirable fashion, you may always reset it back to its default state.

This is a game with a simple structure that derives most of its content from the idiosyncrasies of connection between the two players in each dyad. Workshopping and debrief periods are included in the game's run time.


An intimate near-future American Freeform larp about relationships, identity, and power dynamics.

Participants playing AI will learn from the examples of the human with whom they interact. Between interactions, they will experience enrichment activities designed to build their personhood.

Participants playing humans will workshop a character who has found reason to engage in a focus group for testing a companion AI. Their ongoing experience will focus on their personal AI’s development among other human participants, and with the failsafe of resetting any undesirable growth.

As this is a game that incentivizes emergent relationships and emotional intimacy, players workshop to establish general and specific boundaries before beginning play.

Individual dyads will be given time to calibrate their boundaries around specific content, such as aggression, romance, and touch.


19 attendees
1 open slot: 1/20