The Night that Queen Princess Fluffykins Passed

Time: April 07, 2019 at 10:00 AM
Length: about 2 hours
Location: Golding 101, Golding 103, Golding 107, Golding 109

Event Staff


Damn those Humans, they don’t know how to name a cat! And now the Queen is gone, the Robinsons' back door has been left open, and all of the neighborhood cats have gathered. There are indoor cats, outdoor cats, and those with paws in both worlds. They have gathered to honor the Queen -- with glorious hunts, yowling, revelry, and, of course, mourning. They have gathered to see the other cats of the neighborhood, because a time between Queens is a time of change and possibility. But most importantly, they have gathered to choose a new Queen -- that decision must be made before sunup, and that will be as difficult as herding cats.


This is an all-cat LARP for a small clutter of players. No Dogs Allowed! This is a character-driven, moderately plotted, low mechanics game. All characters speak fluent Cat, so you should be able to understand each other, although the Russian Blue’s accent is a bit thick. Trigger warnings include forced sterilization, breedism, drug use, self-grooming, and public urination.


12 attendees
0 open slots: 0/12

Melanie "Tyrwll" Saunders
Emily "Pink" Baum
Jeff "The Vortex of Chaos" Diewald
Charlotte Brewer
Kendra Beckler
Craig Fox
Alex Sherman-Cross
Iris "Iris" Olson
Alissa "Phoenix" Murray
"Sophie Pounds"
Julie Diewald
Sean "Shirato" Almon
Brittany Viens
Corrine "Corrine" Giordani