Only Mighty Guests

Time: April 05, 2019 at 08:00 PM
Length: about 3 hours
Location: Shiffman 201, Shiffman 202, Shiffman 216, Shiffman 217, Shiffman 218, Shiffman 219

Event Staff


The city of Cityville is an ordinary urban metropolis, full of busy citizens going about their ordinary lives. Like many cities, Cityville had a crime problem, where the streets were filled with violence from gang wars and drug runners. That is, until their hero appeared out of nowhere to take a giant chunk out of crime. Super-Special-Awesome-Man is the city’s very own beloved superhero. Since he appeared violent crime has dramatically plunged, allowing everyone in the city to breathe a bit easier. But wherever there are superheroes, supervillains are sure to follow. The nefarious Masked Thief has been stealing from many of the city’s fine museums and businesses, taunting both the police and Super-Special-Awesome-Man himself. The vile fiend is well known for revealing his plans beforehand, and yet still managing to make off with the goods. His most recent target, which he announced a week ago, is Consumer Corporation, the largest business in Cityville. Luckily for Consumer Corporation they have a very smart CEO, Mr. William T. Freeman. Mr. Freeman had the brilliant idea to hold a meeting of heroes to come up with a way to defeat this Masked Thief. The best of the best have been invited here today, to save the world and make Cityville once again a safe and peaceful place to live. Louise Street, Chief editor


OMG (Only Mighty Guests) is a silly secrets-and-powers(ish) LARP written by Carol Young. It is heavily inspired by a variety of anime tropes. Most characters are fairly over the top and ridiculous.


12 attendees total: 7 male,5 female
0 open slots: 0/4 M, 0/4 F, 0/4 N

Craig Fox
Andy "Andy" Latto
Nathaniel Lathrop
Alex Sherman-Cross
Ethan S
John Huynh
Eric Blum
"Sophie Pounds"
Marleigh Norton
Sophie Rathmann
Michael "mjperson" Person
Joshua Mandell